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Why Investment in Bali Keep Thriving?

Bali has abundant resources and good accessibility. The island has a strategic location that lies along major seas (the Pacific and Indian Oceans). It makes Bali always open for business opportunities, especially in the tourism sector. Bali has a steady political environment, which creates a safe haven for travelers. It also has become a melting pot of cultures for a long time. With these elements, investment tourism in Bali keeps thriving.

TOP Popular Destination

Bali has been recognized as one of the most popular destinations in the world, according to travel platform TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Awards of 2020.

GDP Growth

Indonesia’s GDP increases by 7.7% over one year to pass the 1.1 trillion dollars mark, or 79 billion more than in 2018, according to the IMF.

6,3 Million

Bali is arguably Indonesia’s most popular tourist destination, and saw a total of almost 6.3 million direct foreign tourist arrivals in 2019